AIDS Walk Atlanta

2022 AIDS Walk Atlanta Music Festival and 5K Run


Thank you for joining the CDC/ATSDR Team for the 2022 AIDS Walk Atlanta! 


It is important that CDC employees understand that fundraising on government time, using government resources (to include email) is strictly prohibited in accordance with 5 CFR Part 950 & 5 CFR 2635.808.

YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO FUNDRAISE TO PARTICIPATE. You are welcome to make a personal contribution/donation.


On Saturday, September 24th 2022, our team will be taking an active part in the battle against AIDS in Piedmont Park.

Why do we walk?

We walk for the nearly 40,000 people living with HIV in Atlanta. 
We walk to remember those who no longer can. 
We walk to remind you that you are not alone. 
We walk for our city. 
We walk for a change.
While the world moves on, AIDS Walk Atlanta takes a stand. We're here, walking, running, or participating "in spirit" for our friends, our neighbors, our loved ones, and our community.
We are working to bring attention to this pressing issue, educate and inspire our community to work together, and end the epidemic once and for all.

Thank you for supporting our goal to save lives right here in Atlanta from the devastation of HIV/AIDS.

Together, we are making a difference! 
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