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Matching Gifts

Increase your impact by doubling your donation! Just enter your company’s name below to find out if your employer offers a matching gifts program.

To make a matching gift, use our search tool and look up the name of the company. If the company is in our database, select it to find specific instructions for that company’s matching gifts process. Different organizations have different requirements and procedures, so please look up each company individually. For better results, try entering just a part of the employer name. If your employer doesn’t appear on the list, ask them if they might be registered under a different official name. Or ask them directly about their matching gifts process

We thank all of the companies who provide matching gifts to support our beneficiaries.

Please allow 4 weeks for a matching gift to be processed and posted to a participant’s fundraising account before the fundraising deadline of October 30. If you have a question about processing a matching gift, visit our Matching Gifts Instructions page. If you still need help, email