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You Make It Happen

Your dedication as a fundraiser is the driving force behind the success of AIDS Walk Atlanta. The funds you raise are vital, staying right here in Atlanta to provide essential care and support for individuals living with HIV. Your impact is unparalleled, and we are immensely grateful. In recognition, we're thrilled to offer a range of exciting perks and rewards for your fundraising efforts at the AIDS Walk Atlanta Music Festival & 5K Run.

Our Goal:
Raised So Far:

Top Fundraisers

Did you make the list? Check back here to see if you or your team is among our top fundraisers. Don’t forget that our top five fundraisers and largest team get special VIP awards.

Top Individuals

  1. Rainbow Deadlift Showdown - $8,098.00
  2. Dewayne Crowder - $4,401.47
  3. Michael Vaughan - $1,300.00
  4. Carl Christian - $1,225.00
  5. Derrick Chanel - $500.00
  6. Edward Doolittle - $450.00
  7. Gregory Dyer - $390.00
  8. Stephanie Phillips - $300.00
  9. Craig Pigg - $250.00
  10. Andrew Puckett - $250.00
  1. Gabriel Jacobs


  2. Dewayne Crowder


  3. Jon Santos


  4. Monique Stewart


  5. Gary Washington


  6. Brett Haynie


  7. Antonio Ball


  8. Jeffery Roman


  9. Cassandra Collins


  10. Joe Royals


  1. Dewayne Crowder


  2. Earline Frazier


  3. Jon Santos


  4. Katrina Ward


  5. Alvan Quamina


  6. Stanley Coker


  7. Brett Haynie


  8. Matthew Kent


  9. Larry Walker


  10. Joe Royals


  1. Dewayne Crowder


  2. Dwain Bridges


  3. Larry Walker


  4. Jon Santos


  5. Joe Royals


  6. Larry Hester


  7. Craig Pigg


  8. Joel Black


  9. Roger Lee


  10. Matthew Kent


Top Teams

  1. AWALK4HOPE2023


  2. Best Friends R&B


  3. Status: Home (Fmr Jerusalem House)


  4. AID Atlanta


  5. AV4H Housing


  6. Front Runners Atlanta


  7. Bridge of Light


  8. The Haus of Ball & Huff


  9. Recovery Consultants of Atlanta


  10. Antioch Urban Ministries - Matthew's Place




  2. Positive Impact Health Centers


  3. Jerusalem House


  4. AID Atlanta




  6. Recovery Consultants of Atlanta


  7. NAESM


  8. Silver Lining Project


  9. ThriveSS Board


  10. Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church




  2. Positive Impact Health Centers


  3. AID Atlanta


  4. Jerusalem House


  5. 2021 AIDS WALK


  6. The SORCE


  7. Center for Black Women's Wellness


  8. Front Runners Atlanta


  9. Kimberly-Clark Corporation


  10. NAESM


Fundraising Rewards

Did we mention that we love our fundraisers? That’s why we want to show our appreciation for your hard work by offering exclusive AIDS Walk Atlanta Music Festival & 5K Run fundraising rewards. Check to see if you’ve met any of the fundraising milestones below, and make sure to claim your rewards.




sweat/cooling towel


Inflatable lounge chair

duffle bag

duffle bag

Picnic towel with chair

picnic towel with chair




Speaker Cooler

Interested in Top Fundraising Rewards?

The top 5 fundraisers will get VIP Tent Access plus one guest, an invitation to the VIP reception on Friday plus one guest, top fundraiser sash and VIP Parking.

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Fundraising Tips

Need help getting started? We put together a helpful list of tips and tricks to support your fundraising efforts.

  1. Start fundraising early. It never hurts to be the first to email your friends and family to make the ask. Use one of the sample emails in your Participant Center to get started.
  2. Change your Facebook cover photo to the AIDS Walk Atlanta Music Festival & 5K Run banner. Download our images for Facebook here.
  3. Post on social media and ask your friends and family to donate to your personal fundraising page. Download our social media conversation bubbles here.
  4. Tweet out your fundraising appeal or post one of our social squares on Instagram or Facebook. Download our images for Instagram here.
  5. Create a Fundraising Event: Put together a yard sale, car wash, or dinner party to help raise funds.
  6. Ask your donors to ask their employer for a matching gift.

Team Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Get started fundraising with your team today. Check out these helpful tips and tricks to get you started.

  1. Create a Team Fundraising Event.
    Put together a yard sale, car wash, or dinner party to help raise funds.
  2. Make a Facebook Group.
    Make a group page that is dedicated to your team. Use it as a forum to praise and motivate your members. 
  3. Create a Fundraising Timeline.
    Include events, fundraising letters, and follow-up. Track teammate progress and congratulate members on achieving their goals. 
  4. Start Fundraising Early. It never hurts to be the first to email your friends and family to make the ask.
    Use one of our sample emails to get started. 
  5. Use Social Media

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We’ve got you covered. Visit our Fundraising FAQ page to find answers to the most commonly asked fundraising questions.

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